Medical Aid

Due to the high cost of private healthcare, it’s almost impossible to pay for the medical expenses incurred in hospital, and sometimes out of hospital, too. This makes a medical aid indispensable. Having a medical aid gives you the peace of mind to know that you will be covered – whether you are in a car accident, have to go to the hospital for certain procedures, or need to go to the doctor because you have a common cold.

There are several different types of medical schemes available on the market. These differ greatly in benefits and in price. To find the medical scheme that is right for you, you should have an in-depth conversation with your financial adviser about the type of cover that you require, as well as about what you expect from a medical scheme. It is also important to disclose things like your monthly income and the budget that you have available for a medical scheme to your financial adviser.

All this information is then used by your financial adviser to get you the best medical scheme, according to your needs and available budget.