GAP Cover

GAP cover and medical aid go hand-in-hand. Most medical schemes pay for 100% in hospital rates, but most doctors charge more than this. GAP cover covers the gap between what your medical aid pays, and what the doctors and specialists charge. Most GAP covers have different products that boost your in-hospital cover, ranging between 200% – 700%. Some GAP covers provide for additional expenses like co-payments, sub-limits, cancer co-payments and emergency room visits. There is also GAP cover available that pay the gap portion of specialists out of hospital.
GAP covers are not compulsory products, but they are highly recommended because they add immense value to your medical scheme. GAP covers are affordable, which make them easy to add on to any medical scheme.

The great thing about GAP cover is that the price for a family stays the same, regardless of its size. This means that a family of four or five can still easily get GAP cover, because the price is the same as it would be for a family of two. The bigger your family, the more important and cost-effective GAP cover becomes.