Employee Benefits

There are a number of factors that impact an employee’s productivity, the largest being financial and physical health. If you take care of your employees’ financial and physical health, it will lower their stress levels. This will result in your employees being at work more and being more productive.

Health and wellness go hand-in-hand. By taking care of their employees’ health, businesses are not only supporting their wellbeing, but also their financial wellness and the wellness of their loved ones. A healthy person has an improved quality of life and remains employable and productive.

  • Employee benefits are benefits that are provided to employees by their employers. There is usually a split cost, where the employee and the employer share the cost equally. These benefits can be anything from a medical scheme or health insurance, to a pension fund and a death and disability policy. These benefits are structured according to your annual income and are very customisable.
  • For example, an employer can offer death and disability benefits that pay out three times a person’s salary at a triggering event like death or disability. At the same time, the employer can contribute 5% to a pension fund. These figures are only examples and can be altered.